Those Poor

The one thing progressives will tell you is that conservatives — particularly Christian conservatives — are racist, homophobic, and that they hate poor people. Is any of this true? Or are they just looking in a mirror, projecting their own feelings on others? Or are they looking at those same people they claim others hate as objects to be manipulated towards a progressive end goal — still yet another level of hate? A couple of thoughts on the matter.

Who’s racist, the person who wants only those who have a right to vote to vote, or those who think some members of society — those with darker skin, specifically — are “not sophisticated enough” to know how to get an identification card proving their eligible to vote? Not that voter fraud exists, of course.

Who’s racist, the person who wants to find out the truth about the shooting of Michael Brown, or the person who wants to claim it’s all about race, no matter what the facts might say?

To put a fine point on it…

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Antisemitism Rising

It always amazes me that people think civilization is so strong, so resilient, so able to stand under attack for long periods of time and not fail. When we walk through the streets of any major city in the United States (perhaps except Detroit, or perhaps Chicago), it’s easy to get the feeling that civilization is unfathomably strong, unable to be broken. This is aided and abetted by the evolutionary dogma, particularly in the field of emergence, that life arises “as a matter of course,” an almost unstoppable force, and that civilization always follows in the path of life.

It’s a lie.

Life isn’t an unstoppable force. Civilization is a thin layer of customs and beliefs floating on a raging sea of lava. One of the first, and best, indicators of the failure of a civilization, a way of life, is antisemitism. Jews and conservative Christians are, in the end, the canary in the coal mine. Whither openly Jewish and conservative Christian believers go, the entire culture will follow.

Which brings me to this: Antisemitism is on the rise. Three instances.

The western political powers have been enabling Antisemitism of late by supporting the Palestinian President Abbas and his explicit statements about Jews. To add to this, we have what must be the most antisemitic presidential administration in recent history, to the point of blaming Israel for the rise of major Muslim groups throughout the world that, in turn, threaten the United States.

Given these conditions, it should be no surprise that many of our younger generation are explicitly confused, unable to even form the foundational reasoning required not to be antisemitic — thereby falling into the antisemitic camp.

This rising antisemitism is something to watch with care, as it portends the tearing of the small islands of sanity that mark our civilization out on the boiling lake of hatred and war beneath.

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