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This plaque was spotted attached to a building on a college campus — but there are two problems with it. Can you spot both of them?

First, who cares what party a politician is when a building is dedicated to them? Is this the sum and total of their accomplishments that you care about — their political party? And why is this on a college campus, of all places? Perhaps if this were a sign attached to the headquarters of some local party office it might make sense — but what message does this send to students who pass through the doors of this building, or who pass by it on their way to class? The implication is only Democrats really care about freedom, or education, or…

Second, Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party — so he definitely wasn’t a Democrat.

Now, according to the Urban Legends web site, the wording of the plaque predates the college, and it celebrates Lincoln as a “small d,” democrat, someone who believed in “social justice,” and “equality for all.” Sorry — but your bias is showing, Urban Legends. The idea of a “small d democrat” has long been used to cover the tracks of those who believe in “social justice,” to claim anyone any everyone who is “famous” for the Democratic cause. When this was put up, and the game of “small d, big D,” doesn’t really matter. Even in 1905 the Democrats were trying to take over Lincoln as “their” president.

Are you surprised the University refuses to remove the plaque because they “stand behind the message,” which is clearly, “Lincoln was one of us, not one of you?”

Be True to Yourself

“I don’t have an agenda,” DeGeneres proclaimed. “I’m not here to brainwash anyone, but… [grabs a hypnotizing prop and begins to spin it] Listen to the sound of my voice. Attention youth of the world: I want you to live your lives being exactly who you are. Be true to yourself. The most important thing is to be true to yourself. -quoted at TruthRevolt

This is, perhaps, the most oft quoted advice in our world — be true to yourself. But what does it really mean? Perhaps our modern culture of social media can give us a clue; after all, where else can you “be yourself,” more fully than on social media? If you look around social media for more than a few minutes, though, you’re going to find one thing that’s prevalent. You’re going to find one word that will describe what you see on any of the social media sites better than anything else: narcissism.

So when people are “themselves,” it turns out they’re narcissist.

Why should this surprise us? After all, everyone wants to be famous no matter what they can’t do (the only skill needed to be famous now is opening your life to examination by any and all). Everyone has a void in their life they want to fill by being special, or liked, or wanted, and social media is the perfect place to fill that void. And isn’t filling that void just being true to yourself? Isn’t being true to yourself just doing what you want, getting what you want, being who you want to be?

No matter what anyone else thinks?

No matter what society thinks?

In other words, being true to yourself just means, “forget all those people in your life who care about you, forget all those rules society (and God) put on you, forget your real body, forget your relationships, just do what you want to do.” To be true to yourself means not being true to the other people in your life.

Maybe, just maybe, the real path to being true to yourself is to look outside yourself for who you were meant to be. I know it’s not acceptable to talk about God now-a-days in a personal (or Christian) way, but maybe you have to begin this quest to be true to yourself by finding out what you were designed to be, rather than who you want to be. Maybe the path to being true to yourself can’t start with what you want, but what is right.

Finally a question for Ellen: What if the pastor who is criticizing you is being true to himself? Is it just possible that you’re criticizing someone for following your advice?

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